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Dear Students, Parents, and Community Members,

Welcome to the seventh official school year at César Chávez Elementary School!  Our teachers, staff and I are looking forward to meeting you and developing a successful working relationship with you this upcoming 2013-2014 school year. 

We look forward to developing César Chávez Elementary School into a successful learning community where a safe learning environment is provided and where diversity is celebrated and all members demonstrate responsibility and respect to each other and the learning community.  A dedicated staff will be working to establish a learning culture by providing a well balanced curriculum and data driven instruction that motivates students to become successful academic achievers and social participants.  In addition, we look forward to honoring and educating our students, parents and school community with the spirit, philosophy and accomplishments of César E. Chávez.

As the principal of César Chávez Elementary School it is my pleasure to welcome you to our official school web site.  It is our goal to have the most informative and up-to-date web site in our school district.   We are hopeful that you will find the information contained useful and we look forward to continually expanding communication between our school and the Calexico community.  This web site will include important times, dates, and locations for events happening in and around César Chávez Elementary School, as well as important school news and information highlighting our school programs.

As with all systems communication is the key to success.  We have several ways for you to stay in touch with us.  The website you are on now is constantly being updated and refreshed.  We would like to invite you to come to one of our following monthly meetings that include: General Parent Meeting, School Site Council (SSC), English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) or Parent Boosters meeting and help set the direction for our learning community.  Newsletters are sent out every month and notes will be sent home describing special events.  These important documents will constantly be posted on the web site as well.  

If you would like to be added to our email list and receive important information by email, please click on the following link and send us the name of your child, grade level, room number, your name and your email address to:  cesarchavez@cusdk12.org

     Thank you for visiting our website.  I look forward to hearing from you about our web site and about our school, and hope you enjoy learning about the many wonderful things we do at César Chávez Elementary School.  If you would like to discuss any of the programs offered or any school related subjects or you have ideas about what should be added to this web site please contact us either by email or call the school’s main office at (760) 768-6400.